Meetings & Finance

For Dalton Parish Council

Recently the Government put in place a Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities. This code is issued to meet the Government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability. Transparency gives local people the tools and information they need to hold local public bodies to account.

To meet the criteria of this Code, and ensure the public has access to the information the Government dictates should be published, all Parish Councils were required to set up a website.

Current Councillors of Dalton Parish Council

Chairman: Louise Howard
Vice Chairman: Iain Pearce
Parish Councillor: Gill Rainford
Parish Councillor: Chris Murphy
Parish Clerk: Mrs E A Broad

Dalton Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council meetings are held every six weeks at 7pm in St.Michael’s School Hall, Higher Lane, Dalton, with none taking place during August. They are open to members of the public, and there is an opportunity for residents to have their say.

In May, there is an AGM, Annual General Meeting, this is when the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected. There is also an APM, Annual Parish Meeting, during this meeting the Chairman reads out a summary of what the Parish Council has been involved with during the previous year.

Agendas are published three working days before the next meeting. Minutes for the previous meeting, are signed off in the next meeting, and published.

Agendas and Minutes are published here and also a paper copy displayed on the Parish Council noticeboard.
The finance documents below are prepared on an annual basis, in line with current accounting and audit practices. The Parish Council accounts, documentation, etc. are audited annually.

Minutes for 2017/2018/2019
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10th April 2017
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22nd May 2017
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3rd July 2017
Stacks Image 34318
18th September 2017
Stacks Image 34321
23rd October 2017
Stacks Image 34342
4th December 2017
Stacks Image 34331
22nd January 2018
Stacks Image 34344
5th March 2018
Stacks Image 34347
16th April 2018
Stacks Image 34373
21st May 2018
Stacks Image 34375
25th June 2018
Stacks Image 34377
10th September 2018
Stacks Image 34381
22nd October 2018
Stacks Image 34386
3rd December 2018
Stacks Image 34405
14th January 2019
Stacks Image 34438
25th February 2019
Stacks Image 34441
8th April 2019
Stacks Image 34468
20th May 2019
Annual Accounts, Audit & Budget Report
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Annual Accounts 2016/17
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Budget for 2017/18
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Audit 2018/19
Stacks Image 34480
Cash Book 2017/18